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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

THE FUTURE; Good Grief Support available NZ wide


Anam Cara Care Centre - Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing  - Good Grief Support when needed most,  after the death of your loved one to suicide and throughout the years to come.

The Master Plan for
Anam Cara Care Centre  (ACCC), formed over many years will have four stages of development. 

Stage  1  by mid year 2014     
Stage  2  by mid year 2018

Stage  3  by end year 2018    
Stage  4  by end year 2020

When all stages of this Master Plan are complete the Anam Cara Care Charitable Trust will be supporting those bereaved by suicide (but not limited to) with Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing,  in every province of New Zealand, for every conceivable loss and grief experience of the human condition.   
There will be no cost  for this service or the Grief Retreat  where those needing Heart & Soul support may stay  with no financial burden on them to do so.


The first stage of this Master Plan  offering  Anam Cara Care Centre- Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Good Grief Supportavailable by appointment  from July 2014 as an 'out-service' in  the privacy and comfort of your own home.  

Taranaki is the first province to have Anam Cara Care Centre - Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing - Good Grief Support available for those bereaved by suicide.

There is facility for people to   'pay it forward'      right now, by donating what they can for Anam Cara Care Centre LOFT 'seeding' Reverie Harps into every Province of NZ and to provide heart and soul support for anyone suffering grief bereaved by by suicide, regardless of their financial situation  OR to sponsor the purchase 'per string' of a Reverie Harp to be donated to an institution / facility of their choice where healing of Heart & Soul will make a huge difference in the lives of those in care.

Health and well-being should not be just for those fortunate enough to earn decent income or be financially independent by birth.   Although Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing provides support free of charge there are costs involved to do so.

If you can help support this program your generosity will be rewarded as Patron of the Trust.


The 2nd stage of this Master Plan  is establishing Anam Cara Care Charitable Trust

The trust will ensure those bereaved by suicide  (but not limited to) may receive Anam Cara Care - Good Grief Support when they need it most,  after the death of their loved one and throughout the years to come, with no cost to them for the service.

ACCC is seeking a mentor to help  achieve this stage of the Master Plan.  If you can assist please make contact and discuss how you can help.

Gwynna believes Anam Cara Care Charitable Trust -  Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing - Good Grief Support will change lives and help save lives. 

There is potential to extend this service of care as it develops, but first steps first.
Holistic healing for suicide bereavement, depression, mental unwellness


The 3rd stage of the Master Plan, is to establish the service of Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing in each of the 16  provinces of New Zealand. 

Reverie Harp's in the Provinces to date:

location of Reverie Harps on Province Map of New Zealand

check out 'Chesney' and see how the  'Leap Of Faith Tour - On A Wing & A Prayer' is taking shape

The 3rd stage will involve Gwynna touring New Zealand:  Planting the seed or 'seeding' ;

  1.  to promote & find folks to help establish ACCC Charitable Trust

  2. to  promote  establishing   ACCC Reverie                Harp Heart & Soul Healing service  in                     each of the 16  provinces of New Zealand

  3. to hold public meetings in many places from           'here to  there & everywhere'  sowing the                seeds  of what  ACCC - Reverie Harp                    Heart   & Soul Healing - Good Grief                        Support is and benefits of

  4.  to find existing therapists whose heart                     strumbs at the  thought of playing Reverie             Harp  in their own province supporting                   people via the outreach of ACCC service.

  5.  to find existing musicians  who want to                  extend their musical experience, using  the              Reverie Harp in their own province                          supporting  people via the outreach of ACCC        Reverie Harp Heart & Soul healing service.
  6.   to attend and present ACCC Reverie Harp            Heart & Soul Healing at Festivals of   those            interested in living and dying consciously.


The 4th stage of this  Master Plan is to find  property suitable for  the Anam Cara Care  Charitable Trust - Grief Retreat in each province. This property  would accommodate in particular  (but not limited to)  those bereaved by suicide.  Ideally there will be facility for a therapy room,  a minimum of five bedrooms, garden grounds with hidden rooms for quiet contemplation and a  labyrinth  in an environment conducive to healing. 
It also requires a sound proof 'screaming room' ..... screaming under strict guidelines can be quite beneficial to one's sanity, especially in traumatic grief experience.  We need to have a safe space to do that without drawing the unwanted attention of well meaning family, friends, neighbours and even the Police, as has have experienced !!  That was interesting.  

The intention of this property  is to allow healing  space for those  grieving loss of a loved one to suicide (but not limited to).   To allow them to  stop their world and get off for a period of time of perhaps 3 days / nights or 7 days / nights, however long they need,  to focus upon what has just happened in their life.  To be cocooned in a cradle of care and healing sounds without cost to them at this time.

I believe such care will assist people in numerous ways to begin to come to terms with their suddenly changed lives, to understand they will survive this unthinkable grief and allow them a way to once again face life with some hope.  It is the new paradigm of holistic care.

For those experiencing complicated grief it will be an oasis to consciously change their circumstance of living and give them skills and hope to re-enter their world and  return to whole-hearted wellness.
Ideal of Future Grief Retreat
This Retreat property may be anywhere in NZ.  It may be in Taranaki .... it may be in the Tasman .... it may be in Hawkes Bay or it may be in Hamilton. The intention is to have such a Grief Retreat in every Province of New Zealand. Eventually.

I trust the right property will become available in due course and be apparent at the right time in every Province of Aotearoa.

It may already be waiting to begin life anew.  This photo above  is uploaded, tongue in cheek!!
I see this 'house' as being incredibly supported  and deeply rooted into the earth and that is how I envisage the Anam Cara Care Charitable Trust Retreat in every Province of our great land.

FOOTNOTE: The Taranaki Retreat - A Place to Breath - is now open on Hurford Road, New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand.  It is the 1st Province in NZ  to have a Grief Retreat.
Stage 4 of this  Master Plan already  complete in Taranaki !

Created over a three year period by Jamie Allen (was Dean of St, Mary's Cathedral) and his wife Suzy with teams of volunteers and the Taranaki Retreat Trust  they are truly inspirational.  
Gwynna has on request played Reverie Harp for Guests at the retreat, when she is in Taranaki however the Retreat is now looking to raise the funds to purchase their own Reverie Harp.
Check it out by clicking the above link.   ACCC has developed a 'sponsorship per string' option for facilities such as The Taranaki Retreat, Child Day Care Centres, Kindergartens, Residential Nursing Homes, Hospital, NeoNatal, Mental Health Care, Grief Support Groups etc.