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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

Reiki Journey continued ......


Gwynna believes Reiki has been instrumental in saving her life on more than one occasion.

After major surgery in 1987 she experienced complications due to 'medical mis-adventure' which almost took her life. 
This was the catalyst event which  lead her to Reiki in the first instance, three months following the surgery. 

Gwynna believes  Reiki  saved her life then, for the first time and she gives thanks to Jan Pritchard, the Reiki practitioner who suggested she treat her with Reiki and
also suggested Gwynna  take Reiki 1st degree training  to be able to continue her healing process herself anytime she wanted and needed.  

The experience Gwynna  had with this first 2 hour long Reiki treatment was simply amazing for her and best described  like she had been plugged into a power source and been fully  recharged. 

On reflection, this was also indicative of just how very low her life force energy was due to the complications from surgery affecting her in a major way physically at the time.

the story of medical mis-adventure ....

From  2000 to 2004  'medical negligence and  medical incompetence'  almost cost Gwynna her life yet again.  Through a very complex journey of health issues from late 2000 when Gwynna  began physically collapsing, amplified with grief (March 2001) and the car accident (June 2001)  Reiki kept her alive while Dr's in NZ continued to tell her there was nothing wrong. 

Gwynna believes this negligence and incompetence was due to absolute bias of her being a Natural Therapist, and has written evidence to verify this from one Dr involved which she obtained by enacting her right to a full and complete copy of her medical & winz notes within 24 hrs in late 2002.    

This Dr wrote in her notes  "Interesting case of a Natural Therapist who cannot cure her own condition...."  

Gwynna still finds this utterly  unbelievable. 
Her response was  "I would love to see you give yourself CPR whilst having a heart attack".  

This same  Dr also failed to make the appointment with the Rheumatologist Specialist he promised to make to confirm the diagnosis of FMS.

There were many things these two GP's did not do. Had they done so,  the underlying condition would have been found and saved Gwynna five  years of debilitating 24 / 7 pain that almost claimed her life, for a third time.
Gwynna also experienced what she calls professional incompetence from some Natural Therapists along her journey at this time which was also very disconcerting.

They would do what they do and then tell her 'You are 'cured' when in fact their treatment only eased her pain for  up to 24 hours.
Nothing helped longer than this.

Gwynna believes a natural therapist is a conduit to assist the clients body to awaken to self healing.  The therapist does not 'cure the client' and any therapist who claims to do so is acting from ego and not their highest good in the best interests of their client.  
Gwynna  believes modern 'allopathic medicine'  Dr's are the alternative therapists in reality and the ideal is modern doctors to work alongside natural therapies which have served mankind since time began.  
Her journey through this medical mis-adventure over a period of many years only confirms this belief.

When Gwynna read the above quote in her winz notes from this Dr it was clear she was being discriminated against in her care by both Dr's and this is why her condition (result of medical misadventure 13 years before) was undiagnosed for a further 5 years.

The only way this Dr could have known Gwynna  was a Natural Therapist - because she did not give him her occupation - was by this Dr having a conversation with her initial Dr who did know.   Gwynna did not give permission for these two Dr's to communicate, as is required 

The fact these two Dr's did speak together was confirmed some time later.   Gwynna was told this male Dr (winz approved) phoned the first Dr (female) who had been 'mistreating' her for 18 months.  She told him there was nothing wrong with Gwynna, she was 'only grieving'.   As if.

As if that isn't enough !  only grieving........ completely ignoring the fact Gwynna had suffered several complete physical collapses prior to her sons death, which this GP had 'treated' her for.

What wasn't evident for a number of years (18 in total) was the ongoing damage internally, due to this medical misadventure  (1987) which reached critical mass in 2000 / 2001 bringing four full physical collapses in six months. 

Little did Gwynna know things were to get much worse.

The straw that broke the camels back  (June 13th 2001)  less than 3 months after her son Michael's death,  was a 300kg stag jumping through the windscreen of the car she was a passenger in,  onto her lap!!    A freak accident  Gwynna has no memory of or the day either side, however the effects of that impact have cascaded through her life ever since.   

Gwynna lay unconscious in freezing temperatures (June 13th 2001) in the mountains of the South Island, New Zealand for an hour before a First Response Ambulance arrived.   It was closer to two hours before the Ambulance to transport her to hospital arrived.

As a result, she  quickly fell into FMS  (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) from this point on and has little recall of two years living in what Gwynna best describes as debilitating 'brain fog' along with 24 / 7 full body pain.

In late 2003 Gwynna  quit New Zealand to live on a sub-tropical pacific island (below) which has a perfect climate.  Only 4 degree difference between night and day temperature.

Gwynna  had absolutely zero tolerance to cold  since the accident June 2001 which left her extremities always very very cold as a direct result of shock.  Basically her central 'motherboard' thermostat stopped working for three years as result of the 'overload' this accident put upon all levels of her being.

Eventually regular acupuncture gently reset her thermostat and warmth returned  to her entire body.  A joyous occasion to celebrate. 
It was the first  breakthrough in this ongoing saga.

A new beginning ... 
           a path to wellness

Relocating to a warm temperate climate, although arduous for Gwynna  proved to be serendipitous. 
Gwynna's new neighbour took one look at her and suggested she must get to see this Dr in Sydney, which Gwynna managed to  arrange for late August 2004.  Six months to wait.  
Firstly, this Dr  actually listened to what Gwynna had to say about what she had been experiencing now for some years. 
Secondly he did something positive about it.  Eternally grateful this Dr listened.
There most certainly was something wrong.  Again, Reiki had kept Gwynna  alive but by now only on a spiritual level. 
Her body was almost spent.  
The Dr concurred with Gwynna's  self diagnosis of FMS, which was a start, if not her belief of an underlying fundamental issue which required yet another trip to Sydney 6 months into the future.
The ACNEM  (Australasian College of Nutritional Environmental Medicine) GP Dr George Samra did the barrage of appropriate tests and began a course of weekly IV treatment without which Gwynna believes she would not have survived another 2 or 3 weeks. 
Over the next several years Gwy
nna had hundreds of these IV treatments to restore her to the  best health possible.  A full recovery has never been achieved due to the extent of damage done internally.
During the next 6 months her life force vitality lifted 50 % however she was still living in 24 / 7 pain.  A very debilitating way to live.  Often times people living in such pain may appear normal on the outside and are often dismissed as being neurotic or they have a very high pain threshold, as Gwynna does.

There is a proverb which dates back to the Cherokee tribe of Native Americans, who say “Don’t judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes”
which relates to building empathy and understanding of our fellow beings.  It can be sorely lacking in todays world as Gwynna discovered again and again.

Many people who should actually know better have made very hurtful judgements against Gwynna for the limitations living with the results of medical misadventure and  Fibromyalgia (FMS) has caused her, just as most people who suffer Fibromyalgia  also experience daily.

Gwynna realised  it was imperative to discover what the  serious underlying as yet un-diagnosed condition that had taken her into FMS when impacted with three major crisis events in quick succession, were.    She understood FMS was the end result not the actual problem.  

Returning to Sydney,  the ACNEM Dr  immediately referred her  to a specialist at St George Hospital in Sydney.  Just 10 days later Gwynna found herself on this surgeons table March 2005. 

Massive adhesions throughout entire abdominal cavity was the underlying cause of 5 years of  24/7 pain

Gwynna has been treated by some brilliant Natural Therapists as well as three GP's who she credits owing her life to.  ACNEM Dr George Samra (Kogorah, Sydney) and Dr George Cario (St George Hospital, Sydney) and Dr Gary Mitchell, a NZ Dr who was the greatest support through the years post surgery as her GP on this tiny Pacific Island. 
Dr Gary   agreed to follow the IV treatment process prescribed by Dr Samra from Sydney and also went 'off island' to learn about Chelation Therapy which Gwynna also went through.

Serendipitiously Dr Gary and his family ended up living in Dunedin at the same time as Gwynna 2011/12 (serendipitiously) and his kind and compassionate care continued.
The world needs many more such Dr's as these three who treated Gwynna with respect and dignity by firstly listening.
The journey of recovery has been long and incomplete with ongoing issues which limit so many areas of  life. Many years.  Many lessons have been experienced. 

Gwynna has learned a great deal about Fibromyalgia (FMS) and to the contrary of what most sufferers are told she is living proof with the correct therapy (Dr Samra, Dr Cario & Dr Gary ) and support such as Reiki, Massage, Cranial Sacral Osteopathy, Acupuncture and  particularly eating organic wholesome foods; adjusting how you  live life to accommodate healing, with the right attitude you can recover and return to living life; be useful in some way in your life, albeit maybe at a different pace to previously. 

Reiki has assisted Gwynna  throughout these years in surprising ways. 

The cost to Gwynna financially has been astronomical but at the end of the day Gwynna acknowledges she may have no money but she  does have her life, and through her life experiences has discovered her purpose is
Anam Cara Care Centre - Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing - Good Grief Support.

At the start of 2013 Gwynna  returned to part time work driving a school bus for TRANZIT around the city of New Plymouth, Taranaki, New Zealand.   Having the care of 100 souls a day in her hands, literally each day was rewarding and suited her recovery process perfectly at this stage. 

Unfortunately by end of May 2015 she had to resign due to ongoing physical issues of FMS and is now working just 6 hours a week still with TRANZIT.
In mid 2014 Gwynna has taken the next step back into living  life fully, creating a new paradigm of Natural Therapy, Anam Cara Care Centre - Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing - Good Grief Support. 

Gwynna looks forward to supporting people through their grief journey this life time, as she continues what she has recognised as her  life journey and life's purpose as a Grief Doula.

Once again Gwynna  will bring her  Reiki Master skills of Universal (God) life force energy, healing touch and sounds of Reverie Harp healing heart and soul to the lives of those in most need.    Namaste.