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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 


Reverie Harps are made to order in Australia by Peter Roberts, creator of this divine instrument. 

Ordering through ACCC is a WIN / WIN;  On Your behalf, as the purchaser;

*    ACCC takes care of everything at no cost to you.  No hidden costs or fees.  No stress

*    ACCC takes care of all NZ Customs / MAF & GST requirements

*    You know exactly what your Reverie Harp is going to cost when you order through ACCC

*    All you have to do is decide which motif to have in the soundboard of your Reverie Harp

Peter donates 10% of the AU price for every Reverie Harp ordered through  Anam Cara Care Centre (ACCC)  to help with the costs of offering this community service bringing Reverie Harps into Aotearoa free of charge to you.  

Supporting people bereaved by suicide throughout Aotearoa is free of charge however everything costs.

The New Zealand price varies due to currency exchange rates changing momentarily / daily which precludes the displaying of NZ$ cost on this website page.

The usual method of payment is via InterNetBanking into ACCC NZ TSB account as the Currency Exchange company we use (for a minimum fee of $12) requires 'cleared funds' to be deposited AND paid from this account only within 24 hours of locking in this exchange rate.
If this is an issue for you please make contact and lets see what we can work out together.


There are now seven motif designs for the soundboard hole to choose from with the recent inclusion of Australian 'gumnut leaves'.  
Watch this space for some dedicated kiwi motifs coming soon.
The preference is personal choice as each design is equally beautiful. 
There may be a longer delivery time if either the left or right bottom  Celtic motifs are ordered.

If possible, please choose which motif you would like before contacting to order your Reverie Harp.

The soundboard is solid Mahogany and the body of the Reverie Harp is solid Cherry wood.  

The timbers are very light coloured when you receive your Reverie Harp however naturally darken over time to a rich warm tone developing due to normal exposure to ultraviolet light.

TO UNDERSTAND THE ORDERING PROCESS, Please read this page to the end

Please read this page, so you understand how this ordering process works,  then click through to          REVERIE HARP COSTS   for  the AU$ purchase price of items RobertsMusicAU offer - 
decide what you wish to order (including motif choice') and then click  CONTACT

*     Fill out all contact details required and  in the 'message' box write what it is you wish to purchase
      (including motif # 1 to 7)  to receive an obligation free  'Order Estimate Form'  which will
      show what you want and the AU$ cost and the exchange into NZ$ at that time.  
      This is all obligation free.  

*    There is never any pressure to purchase anything.  It is firmly believed when the time is right for
      you to be the holder of your own Reverie Harp, you will purchase a Reverie Harp.

*    We do appreciate being given all details required and necessary though on this first contact to give
      you a correct estimate of costs at that moment.  
      This also avoids wasting our time (Gwynna and Peter) having to make repeated contacts to you to
       receive and exchange these basic details. 
*    Once you have received all the information, if you wish to complete the order process, please
      advise at this stage when you intend to pay for your order.  This is critical.  

      We have a window of 24 hours at the exchange rate once it is locked in.  All this to keep the
      price as low as possible for you.

 *     At this time, the AU / NZ$ exchange rate will be re-checked and locked in for 24 hours.

       Inv.a will be generated now just prior to the time you wish to pay and emailed to you.  

       You are required to deposit the funds asap within this 24 hour period to allow payment to HiFX
       in order for them to pay Peter Roberts. 
       This confirms your order at  this exchange rate.       

*     If  Inv.a is unpaid in this time period it becomes invalid and the AU / NZ$ currency exchange
      will have to be rechecked and the invoice re-issued to be able to continue with the order.
      This is time consuming and it is appreciated if it does not happen.  Remember this service is 
      free of charge to you.   

*      usual time from confirmed order (payment received) to delivery is 6 weeks depending on 
       Peters schedule.  Sometimes it can be sooner but not often.  You will be kept informed.

*      Sometimes Peter may have a Reverie harp with the motif you want ready to be dispatched. 
        In this instance delivery time will be approx. 3 weeks.



*      cleared funds - required by the Currency Exchange Company - must be paid at time of ordering
       with the AU cost (majority) converted to NZ$ paid initially on Inv.a  into ACCC TSB account via
       IntNetBanking, or personally deposited at any NZ Post Shop or Kiwi Bank.   

*       the NZ Customs / MAF & GST charges (minority) being paid on Inv.b into ACCC TSB
        account once Your Reverie Harp is in International transit to Auckland Customs.
*    You pay the same price through ACCC as you would if you ordered directly with RobertsMusicAU
      website paying by credit card (extra 2% surcharge) 
      and then took care of the NZ Customs fees etc. yourself.  

     However, You save costs by having ACCC complete your order in the following ways;

     *     the best possible exchange rate is secured for your purchase

     *     it eliminates 2% surcharge RobertsMusicAU charges when paying direct by credit card

     *     it eliminates bank fees both end of transaction when paying by credit card  

     *     it eliminates bank exchange rate fees both end of transaction

     *     there are no 'hidden' costs of NZCustoms / MAF / GST charges to surprise you.  

*     ACCC is able to complete your order with Peter Roberts at the lowest possible NZ$ cost with no
       hidden charges or fees to surprise you at the end

*     ACCC & RobertsMusicAU are a member of a Currency Exchange company who;

       *     offer a very competitive exchange rate lower than the main Banks offer

       *      charge just one $12 fee to exchange NZ to AU$ and pay Peter Roberts directly

       *      Your order is initiated once your payment is received into ACCC TSB account 

*     ACCC keeps in communication with you every step of the way

*     your Reverie Harp arrives safely at your door.  Signature required.  Check tuning. Start playing. 

*     You have a support network with ACCC as you venture into the world of Reverie Harp healing


ACCC offers continuing support through building a community of Aotearoa Reverie Harp Holders;

       *    Reverie Harp Holders  NZ  Register - your choice to be listed

       *    Reverie Harp Holders NZ FaceBook page (private) offering;

             *    Video tutorials can to be posted to Facebook page

             *    Forum facility to communicate and share / ask questions etc.

       *    Skype phone sessions are also possible with Gwynna.  Koha is appreciated to ACCC account.

       *    You will be fully supported by ACCC at all times. 

       *    Reverie Harp Holders NZ  Annual Gathering - the intention is to hold an annual gathering in

            a different province of New Zealand each year.

       *    ACCC is working on having Peter Roberts attend the first yearly gathering to be held



*      To pay for your NZ$ cost of order by credit card incurs a 4% surcharge by PayPal

*      the $12 HiFX exchange  fee also still applies     

*      The NZ Customs / MAF & GST charges will be invoiced at the same time.  Just one payment.

•       If you are happy to pay those extra costs as you want to pay by credit card we will soon be 
        offering this PayPal option for the NZ$  cost. 

Paying the NZ$ cost by credit card via PayPal adds to the overall cost but this cost is less than paying by credit card on RobertsMusicAU site where you will attract not only the surcharge but Bank fees and exchange rate fees ($35 to $55) either end of transaction.