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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 


Gwynna has always had a love of this beautiful instrument but never believed she could learn to play. 

Her journey with the harp began while living  in Australia. 

In  June 2010  quite by chance Gwynna was watching a TV program 'Australian Story'  on Peter Roberts  and she noticed her heart pounding and became aware she was having a spiritual as well as visceral response. 

In that moment Gwynna knew she would be learning to play the harp.
Gwynna's life at the time was deeply involved in other areas but her mind kept taking her back to the story of this mans journey from furniture maker to Harp Thanatologist.  

In late January 2011 on a  car journey from Canberra (ACT) to Gosford  (NSW)  Gwynna had 5 hours of drive time  on the freeway to just think.

The ideas just seemed to flood her mind about using live harp music as the instrumental tool in her plan to help people bereaved by suicide.
  The missing piece of the jigsaw to her plan.
Upon arrival in Gosford Gwynna  found herself driving to  Brandden Lassells workshop.  He was a Harp maker she met a few years previously.  It was as if Gwynna was on autopilot to his door.
When Brandden heard what Gwynna  wanted to do;  learn to play the harp to use in therapy with people bereaved by suicide it was apparent the Universe was assisting.  
Just that morning Brandden  had received an email about an upcoming Inaugural Harp Convergence in Melbourne at the end of March 2011.  He flicked the email off to Gwynna and the first step was taken.

Attending this inaugural Harp Convergence was Gwynna's introduction to the International Harp Therapy Program (IHTP) and Christina Tourin  whom Gwynna recognise as an Angel on Earth.  Namaste Christina.

Gwynna  enrolled in the Prep School of  IHTP  2012 & 2013.  Life still had a few more detours to clear the way for her to step into what Gwynna knows is her soul  purpose on earth.    

In April 2014 Gwynna attended the 6 day ESM (experiential specialty module) of the main training in Melbourne (VIC) Australia.     A few more surprises were still to take place.

Training is an ongoing process that is proving very slow for Gwynna with the Lap Therapy Harp however she
intends to continue learning as she can.  Reverie Harp on the other hand has been designed so ANYONE can play and that is the key to ACCC being available throughout New Zealand.
Gwynna remains as passionate as she felt that night back in 2010 when her heart raced and thumped as she listened to and watched Peter Roberts 'Australian Story' about following his passion and purpose with the harp. 

However she has realised her connection is profoundly with the Reverie Harp and is focused upon introducing this beautiful healing instrument anyone can play intuitively,  into every province of New Zealand by end of 2020 to be used for Heart & Soul healing.

Gwynna has begun visiting the regions on invitation to introduce the concept of Anam Cara Care Centre -  Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing - Good Grief Support to individuals and professionals alike who may already be working in the caring sector of community in any of the following;
* Neo-Natal  *Hospice  *Hospital ICU *Residential Care * Day Care Centres * Kindergartens * Dementia & Alzheimer Care Units * Funeral Directors & Celebrants * Support groups for people bereaved by suicide / homicide / depression / mental illness / people in crisis or trauma / SIDS & miscarriage / Cancer patients

For a little bit of light relief * Weddings * Meditation Groups  * Baby Births

Using live Reverie Harp sounds  promotes a better recovery / transition and well-being for all concerned i.e. babies & parents / patient / client / families / Drs / nurses & staff.

The Reverie Harp is designed & crafted by Peter Roberts (AU) in collaboration with Jerry Brown and Matt Edwards from 'Musicmakers' of Stillwater, Minnesota. 

A truly beautiful instrument to both play and be held within a cradle of sound.

Anam Cara Care Centre is now the NZ Agent for purchase from RobertsMusic (AU) and we are dedicated to bringing each harp into NZ at the best possible price.

At this point in time we now have Reverie Harps in Northland, the Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Tauranga and Taranaki Provinces.

If you have the means to help in any way to have this community service expand all around New Zealand please make contact and chat about how we can work together.