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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

Depression & Mental Health -
         healing the broken heart and fractured soul


Knowing what peace can be brought listening to Reverie Harp,  Gwynna has no doubt people suffering depression and mental illness would also benefit from Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing. 

Also knowing  our Mental Health services are in dire crisis and people are suffering terribly and even dying by suicide as result of a system that has never actually worked well for the patient,  Gwynna attended the Suicide and Mental Health Forum held in Hamilton mid September 2015. 

There were 100 other like minded people from around New Zealand who are keen to positively create whole person holistic care for people who are suffering depression and all mental illness; who are suicidal, or bereaved by suicide.
Gwynna played Reverie Harp at the close of this meeting to bring a sense of calm and healing for all persons there.  It was a very tough day for everyone present.
She also attended the follow on hui in Ngaruawahia mid  December 2015.  

Positive change in how we as a nation and as individuals actually treat our most vulnerable citizens is very much needed and the time to do this is right now.   Too many lives have been lost already.

This meeting was organised by Jane Stevens and Dave McPherson, the parents of Nicky Stevens whose death in March 2015 due to negligence by staff and physicians at the Henry Bennett Centre in Hamilton has brought to light everything that needs to change in the way we treat mental health sufferers, suicide and grief.   These people have been treated appallingly in the wake of their sons tragic and preventable death.

They are standing strong to make change happen nationally at a time they should only have to focus on their grief which is overwhelmingly exhausting  on its own.  

Their complaint to IPCA about Police conduct has just been upheld on every count which was National news for two days the last week of May 2016.

The DHB and MH facility have however,  failed to address any and every concern this family have raised about their failed practice and protocols that resulted in their son being able to end his life whilst legally in their care simply by walking out of the facility to take an unsupervised smoke break.

I find it disturbingly ironic that a corporate decision banning 'smoking' on DHB properties which includes Mental Health Facilities because of the 'health risk' actually KILLING people.
I,m told there were 'smoking rooms' in these facilities much like some Residential Nursing Homes provide for their elderly residents who still smoke, BUT they were dismantled.....taken away..... with the 'ban on smoking' decision.  I question the legality of this decision given smoking tobacco is NOT illegal.  I believe it is discriminatory toward the freedom of choice of the mentally unwell person.

I believe 99% of people suffering mental unwellness smoke so this decision impacts upon a huge number of already unwell people and I think it shows how 'out of touch' those in powerful decision making positions fail their responsibility to the patient in their care.

This is not an isolated story.  It is happening all around our great country which is a shameful situation to allow it to continue.  We are all responsible for our most vulnerable members of every community.

In making change we have to create new pathways of care other than what hasn’t been working for many many years now.   For ever really.   When did the mental health system actually help patients ?
We need to bring this back to family and community care and Reverie Harp has a role to play.  Gwynna again believes the more Reverie Harps we have in every community, in every province of New Zealand we will increase the healing process for many people experiencing depression and other mental un-wellness and support their carers as well as a bonus!

Never ever think this won’t happen to you or your family because ‘there but by the grace of god go you, or I.’  Mental unwellness, depression, suicide is non discriminatory.  It doesn't matter that you are rich or poor, a 'loser' or a 'successful person' in your life or business or career.  It doesn't care what age you are or where you live.

A recent experience confirms this.  Visiting with a friend, Gwynna was quietly playing Reverie Harp when some more people arrived. She noted the young man was mesmerized and gave him her Reverie Harp to play which he did beautifully for the next hour.  His partner and two year old son were also enjoying the beautiful sounds he was creating. 

Gwynna's friend asked "What difference would it have made for you **** if you could have had this instrument to play when you were 'sectioned' or 'in respite care'  ?  His reply was "ABSOLUTE!

This young man had been sectioned to care when his baby was only 6 months old.  He explained how mind numbingly unhelpful it was to be confined to a bare room staring at four walls, or outside in a small barren space staring at a fence.  Nothing to do but be present in his own very sick mind.
He described how unhelpful having a TV playing constantly is for your sick mind / brain as it feeds your paranoia.  But that is all there was. A TV.    No asthetic beauty to soak in.  Cold, clinical nothing.

Is that torture of the mentally unwell ?  It  certainly shows the lack of understanding by the very people paid to be the Dr's, Nurse's, Carers in this MH system if they don't know the basic needs of their patients.

He then went on to describe how he felt playing Reverie Harp for just this short period of time where it disengaged his brain and he just felt very calm and peaceful.  We had literally watched his entire energy mellow out as he played and he was breathing better.  Imagine what healing could take place if we can change the Mental Health Service Care into something actually nurturing and supportive of the unwell brain / mind.  Imagine. 

Playing Reverie Harp intuitively does disengage our brain and it brings the pure beautiful sounds direct to heart and soul.    Gwynna believes it is time to understand the mentally unwell have a broken heart and fractured soul just as those who die by suicide do.  The terminal end of depression / mental illness is suicide.  When this happens those left behind inherit the now shattered heart and fractured soul and this is why people bereaved by suicide have a five times higher likelihood of now dying by suicide themselves.  It is HEART AND SOUL that needs healing.  With no support and indeed, quite the opposite is experienced making it a very very isolating experience it is no wonder we have multiple suicides in a family.  It doesn't have to be this way.  We can change this with the help of Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing.
Gwynna has joined the 'club' no parent wants to belong, impacted by suicide and it has been a devastating journey.  

Gwynna is passionate about making a difference so other mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grand parents, aunties, uncles, friends  do not have to experience this worst of grief journey.

Having come to realise if we are ever going to reduce the grim tally of suicide which compounds the trauma into our families, our communities each year, we as families, we as a community, we as a country have to do things differently for those suffering depression and all mental un-wellness.

The Reverie Harp has a place in the change that desperately needs to happen.

In November 2015 upon invitation from another person who attended this meeting, Gwynna and a local NP Reiki Master traveled to Palmerston North where they combined 30 minute Harp and Reiki sessions for people bereaved by suicide. 
Gwynna is open to invitations to introduce Anam Cara Care Centre - Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing - Good Grief Support in any community group by those who are working as carers;  supporting people suffering depression or mental illness;  offering support groups for people bereaved by suicide or homicide etc.  We now have options as to how such groups can raise the funds to purchase Reverie Harps and get this new paradigm of holistic care happening Aotearoa wide.

Please feel free to make contact through this website CONTACT page.