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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 



1)  A room for 10 to 20 people to gather in comfort (7pm to 10pm) with facility for tea making

2)  Chairs;  kettle; cups etc.

3)  People with an interest for using this new paradigm of Heart & Soul healing

     -  either PERSONALLY

         It is a wonderful instrument in any home to be used by every family member when they                         have the need.  The Reverie Harp will become a treasured family heirloom over the future                       generations.

         Children are particularly drawn to the Reverie Harp.  It is beautiful to watch their joy when                    playing.   Babies and children  are closest to the Angelic Realm of all humans and the Harp is like          a magnet to them.  This is why Reverie Harp sounds work so well with traumatised children.

         The 2016 40 year Dunedin study has confirmed if trauma is not resolved in children before they           start school it will inevitably dictate the course of their lives negatively.

         It is intended by ACCC every Childcare Facility in New Zealand will have a Reverie Harp by                 2020's end to ensure children traumatised for what ever reason early in life can receive healing             of their heart & soul before they begin school. 


         If you are working in a caring profession or are a Therapist practitioner of medical or natural                    therapies, you may well connect with the potential of Heart & Soul healing using Reverie Harp.

This beautiful and unusual 22 string Harp ANYONE can play,  hand crafted in Australia is tuned to a pentatonic scale (5 notes per octave instead of 7) in the key of C in the ‘Reverie Tuning' for healing’   

It can be tuned to three other tunings as well which is a simple and quick option once learned.
Gwynna owns two Reverie Harps.  Both Harps will be at ACCC Reverie Harp   Introduction Meetings being held around every province of Aotearoa.
The second of these Reverie Harps (Dragonfly) is loaned to families in crisis with grief or loss, or trauma for up to 6 weeks allowing them to gain the maximum healing they possibly can for heart and soul.  

Those attending ACCC Reverie Harp  Introduction Meetings will firstly enjoy a 20 minute Reverie Harp meditation, hear some amazing stories,  truly sad yet truly inspirational  of the  power and majik   of Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing, as Gwynna describes it, supported with powerpoint presentation.   Everyone who attends is also encouraged to 'have a play'.  Supper is provided.