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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

Gallery of Harps at Convergence of 2011

Gwynna's  Journey with the harp began at the International Harp Convergence March 26th & 27th 2011  held in  the Uniting Church on North Road Ormond, Melbourne, VIC - Australia.

Gwynna was one of 50 people who attended the Inaugural Harp Convergence in Melbourne (VIC)  Australia and feels very blessed to have been there. 

Some were accomplished musicians and some were like Gwynna, trained in natural therapy modalities and not particularly competent at playing musical instruments.

Gwynna's little purple Rainbow Lap Therapy Harp was the smallest harp amongst a full range of harp sizes gathered.   

Gwynna  found this two day event to be incredibly healing deep in her heart and soul.
Having experienced  this wonderful healing at this event and the ESM module training (April 2014)  Gwynna fully understands and is excited by the power of healing that live harp sounds can bring.

Peter Robert's,  AU is the creator and crafter of Reverie Harp (below left). The   'Australian Story' on Peters career change is what inspired Gwynna to begin this journey and Christina Tourin (USA) (below right)  is the woman whose International Harp Therapy Program continues to inspire me to follow my passion as a Grief Doula.

Other presenters at this event were; Julia Peddle  "The Labyrinth & Art" and Jacqueline Spring "Sounding the Spirit" Therapeutic Music in Whole Person Care.  Both incredible presenters however I do not have any photo's of either of these woman.

MICHAEL JOHNSON (above) was our first presenter whose theme was “Music To Anchor Mindfulness”. 

Michael plays meditative music at the Ian Gawler Foundation, a centre for whole-wellness which was commenced by Ian Gawler after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Evri Evripodous,  a  fellow musician accompanied Michael on guitar. 

I was mesmerised by the beauty of the sounds of the harp as this due played.

Mary Doumany - the Zen of Harp.  WOW 

This performance deeply touched  my soul.  I have never heard the harp played as Mary plays it.  Absolutely incredible.

Carla Whitely, Harpist and Flutist - music teacher and an ongoing inspiration to me.

 A beautiful soul and deeply caring woman.

One day I intend to give my lap therapy harp a bigger companion. 

Perhaps a harp crafted by Kim Webby in New Zealand.

My journey in the IHTP training continues -
ESM Melbourne April 2014

Held at the recently opened (2013) Villa Maria Residential Care Facility in Wantirna South,  with 14 trainee IHTP students from around Australia, Hong Kong and myself from New Zealand present over the 6 days of Experiential Specialty Module. 
Best described as unbelievably bliss full.

Unfortunately Gwynna missed the concert held night prior to ESM start as her flight arrived in Melbourne too late for to attend.

Christina Tourin USA:
Founder of worldwide IHTP
training prog.

Anke Steynanke and Carla were two of the most experienced Harpists at the ESM training. 
Both Carla and Anke were guest speakers at the World Harp Conference in Sydney July 2014.

Gwynna watching Carolann Wake from Phillip Isl with her composition.

Carla Whiteley:
CTHP at Villa Maria & Bupa Care Residential Facilities where this ESM training was held.

Christina teaching in situ Villa Maria.

We played for the residents each lunch break and performed a concert for the residents at end of ESM training module which was well received.

We celebrated with dinner out on final night. 
Gwynna is sitting far right hand back next to her dear friend Kathryn (red jacket) whom she stayed the week with. 
Kathryn is one of several friends whose support through this long journey  Gwynna is deeply grateful for.