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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

CHESNEY - the means by which the Leap of Faith Tour -                       On A Wing & A Prayer .... takes place

At present Gwynna is currently  working upon 'Chesney' the caravan purchased  at the end of 2016 making it fit for purpose to travel around each province of Aotearoa allowing small public meetings to be held  'on the porch' to introduce Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing.

SPIROLOC (Christchurch) have provided at cost price their beautiful compact wood burning fire to keep Chesney cosy warm no matter the weather where ever.

JUST TYRES (New Plymouth) have provided at a hard to beat price four new tyres.

Grateful thanks to both companies.  Still looking for sponsorship for the last projects to complete which are listed below.

Check out 'Chesney Photo Gallery'  as to work on renovation taking place

Chesney is a 1985 'full width' Australian caravan with a more recently rebuilt solid chassis on tandem wheels.   

Chesney tows like a dream.

Chesney is absolutely perfect for ACCC 'Leap of Faith Tour - On A Wing & A Prayer' as it has a separate bedroom end (which can be closed off) a  roomy kitchen / dining and of course the 'porch' which the double doors open out onto. 

This 'porch' will allow introduction of ACCC Reverie Harp without the difficulty and exorbitant costs of hiring venues in each area etc. as has been necessary to date.

The 'back end' of Chesney opens up into a decent porch area where LOFT meetings will take place.  

The first work completed was rebuilding the back doors which were flimsy, very insecure and  not weather tight with beautiful Matai stable doors.  (above)

Eventually there will be two little leadlight windows in the top of stable doors (above).

The porch floor ply has been replaced and sealed with butynol to keep it water tight.

Whilst in travel, the porch disappears ...the roof becoming the 'back end' of Chesney.  

This roof / end leaked like a sieve is now watertight.  

The 'grill' has been removed and the gap now has a sign promoting  what ACCC "Leap of Faith Tour - On A Wing & A Prayer"  is all about.  

A new roof vent has been installed and Chesney sports a new triple layer of base paint ready for ARTWORK to be created.  Looking for some street artists whose work will be seen Aotearoa wide.


These are the final projects to complete which assistance is asked for.  To date, everything completed in this renovation / refurbishment has been at just one person, Gwynna Whiteowl's expense. 

1)      12V solar system.   $1,500

         This will allow me to visit people anywhere and be self sufficient powering a 12V compressor                   fridge to keep food fresh and have lighting of a night-time.  It will also allow recharging of                       technology without needing to be in a campground plugged into power.    

        To give some understanding to costs, it would only take 9 weeks of campground use to spend                 $1,500 so it makes sense to be self sufficient.

2)     12V compressor fridge.  $1,500

         Chesney has an old mains power (230v) fridge which literally freezes everything sooner rather               than later !   Power is necessary.   Without power it is impossible to keep food fresh or safe.

3)     Gas Oven / grill / 3 x hobb.  $1,200

         To be built into kitchen bench giving back much needed benchtop space.  It is so important to               be able to prepare and cook nutritious food.  This compact oven / grill / hob is perfect for this               small space.   At present a portable 3 burner gas camping cooker takes all the bench space and               limits the type of food possible to cook.


         To enable small public meetings to be held on the back porch it is necessary to have enclose the           room with canvas sides. 

5)     ARTWORK.  unknown cost - lastly but not least - 

        In keeping with the theme "On a Wing &  A Prayer"  Gwynna has ideas as to the Artwork                      however, is open to discussing what is possible with anyone keen to help out with this vital part            of the project.  Artists have signing rights which along with their work will be seen Aotearoa wide.

If You can help cover any of these costs please make contact and lets chat about what is possible.  

All sponsors will be recognised on the rear wall of Chesney.