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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

Oh dear ... a good scrub was a good start !

next step was painting and laying cotton sheet over paint ... and painting again.   Old style 'canvassing' for three coats.   

Then building a frame inside the frame as new vent maximum size was smaller than exisiting hole in roof.

Eventually the new vent was installed.  Much more streamlined although the top cap really needs to be much wider than it is to prevent rain entering when 'up'.

The hardest part was 'canvassing' the front curve.  The sides were easy and I am pleased with the 'blank canvas' ready for artwork of feathers.

YES !  The SPIROLOC fire place kit arrived.  Now the nerves started about being able to install this correctly.  For valid reasons :-)

I had an off-cut shaped for the base floor plate. SS bolts used to fix plate and pedestal of fire to floor.   Two pieces of 'baby corrogate' were folded to fit the corner and six SS brackets made to fix each corrogate top and bottom just  20mm apart and 20mm off wall allowing the fireplace to be positioned 50mm from corrogate.

and this was why the nerves were on target.... cutting the hole in ceiling cut through the 'back end' tail light cable which was dead centre of this hole !  no way of knowing where the cable lay but best guess it would be tucked right along the outside edge.  No it wasn't.  

 I asked John to help me rewire from the 'back end' tail lights through to the left cut fixing the cable to the outside edge in cavity away from where the chimney would be.  Just added half a day to the mission. 
Thanks John.  Truly appreciate your knowledge and skill with this.

Parked up in another big shed ! 

Blending the rebuilt side door which is used to enter Chesney when 'back porch' is folded away.

The first thing to be done was remove the cupboard.  Not as easy as one may think as the front frame was L shaped steel.  Then to paint the back wall section and seal the joins.

Using a 'plumb bob' to ensure I was going to cut the hole in the right place

Starting to look like it might all work after all.

Chimney through the roof.  YES! 

Auto Innovation Fitzroy New Plymouth extended the drawbar

and raised the tool bin to allow spare wheel to be housed underneath with the 9kg gas bottle in-front of this.

Building a couple extra shelves above sink in kitchen 

'The Armory' ... as folks on the fair described the underside of back porch lifted up ready to lower roof for travel.  These adjustable aluminium poles haven't stood the test of time / constant use ... so will be replaced with aluminium poles same as porch poles.