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Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

BackLife Home Physio .... recovery from back & neck pain in your own home

BackLife Home Physio machine was designed and developed by Physiotherapists who

understand the benefits of Continuous Passive Movement or CPM.   

I give my own testimony to the effectiveness of the BackLife Home Physio machine.

Used twice a day I experienced  intensive recovery from major  psoas muscle and core centre muscle damage and this gave relief from 24/7 crushing sciatic nerve pain. 

Ryan Kendrick, Physiotherapist and inventor of  Dynamic Tape  which elite athletes are seen using regularly now,  was my physiotherapist at the time.  Ryan suggested he couldn't see me enough in a day to give CPM  to effect the kind of recovery I needed. 

Together we researched and found the BackLife Home Physio machine. 

Ryan checked my core recovery progress using Ultra Sound fortnightly.


We were both delighted with the continued positive results achieved with my using BackLife Home Physio.

It is possible to use more than twice a day depending upon your circumstance. 

It is recommended to use twice a day minimum.   

The machine has a height adjuster to allow adults from 4' 9" (1.45cm) to 6' 7" (2 mtrs) the option to use.

As you can see per the video in the link to BackLife Home Physio (above)  you bring your buttocks hard up against the machine, legs resting over the top supports, arms by your side, head in the neutral position and once comfortable you tap the start button to begin the 12 minute cycle of therapy.  

At completion of cycle you remain resting in this position for a further two minutes.  Total time you need to commit per session is 15 minutes twice a day. 

I allow myself 20 minutes per session in my time schedule so there is no rush or stress.

The machine begins by lifting your sacroiliac joint up and uses a motion that lengthens and releases your spine from your sacrum to your cervical neck vertebrae. 

Please make contact to discuss your needs and situation which will determine the cost of hire.

You will be required to sign an agreement of hire usage and care.  Hire fee must be paid in advance.  An instruction dvd comes with hire.

Extension of hire is possible only if machine available when your hire period ends. i.e. no one on waiting list to hire.