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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

TESTIMONIALS of purchase through ACCC


All my life I've had a desire to own and play a harp.
Living in a Housebus with a minimalist philosophy, I really didn't think it was going to happen.
Being a Storyteller though I could see what a beautiful combination, well chosen words and plucked strings could be together. There would be certainly a symbiotic relationship.And then one day I met Gwynna and her beautiful Reverie Harps, hand made by Peter Roberts in Australia.

I spent a few minutes playing with this small, wonderfully small, simply stunning instrument, admiring its beauty and relishing the rich tones that came from it, each note seemingly in perfect harmony
with the one before and the one after.
It must have taken a full five minutes before I placed an order and oh, the wait while it was especially made for me was so worthwhile.

Gwynna made the purchase and delivery from Australia a painless and professional operation.

It arrived in a beautiful sturdy carrying case with instructions and DVDs and tuning instruments, all ready to play.
And play it I've been doing, many hours a day.

Many are the magic journeys we have already been on together.
This harp has taken my Storytelling to another level and added a further richness to my life.
It is now my constant companion.

Thanks Gwynna.

Keith Levy
Storyteller, Social Commentator,
Wandering Minstrel and The Roaming Rhymester.
New Zealand

The electricity used to send this email to you comes from the sun's Solar energy. This email contains high levels of Vitamin D. Should you notice any changes to your health and wellbeing you might consult a health professional or even a doctor.
I was introduced to Gwynna via a very close mutual friend over 5 years ago now and have purchased two Reverie Harps from her.

Like Gwynna I tend to loan my second Reverie Harp out to folks who need. 
I use my first Reverie Harp personally and in my healing practice.

Both transactions were effortless and smooth.

Gwynna took care of all the paperwork involved with Peter Roberts and Customs NZ. 
I did not have to work out money exchanges, fees, couriers, MAF papers or GST etc which could have been very time consuming and I imagine headache material !

I left it all in Gwynna's capable hands.  All I had to do was decide what design I wanted, pay Gwynna by Internet banking and give her an address for delivery.   

Gwynna kept in touch all the while and continues to keep in touch. Easy.  
Well worth my donation to ACCC for all her work and dedication.

I thoroughly recommend Gwynna as Agent for purchase in NZ of RobertsMusic  AU Reverie Harp.

Much love beautiful lady and keep doing the awesome work.

Karen (Te Puna)
Just to let you know I am loving playing my harp at the Hospice.  
Now I can just show up at 11am and the nurses will tell me where I can go without making advance times.  I've had some loving experiences, especially my first one you came with me, and that's the one that will remain with me always.

I also go to the Ryman Dementia Dept. across the road from where I live and play in their day room.   The joy the folks there and I get is amazing and you know very well how I feel !

Interestingly enough, since you tuned my harp, I haven't needed to tune it myself, and I check it every time before I play just to make sure.

Thank you so much for finding me and helping me begin this blessed journey.

Rayna (Bethlehem)
The promotion Gwynna put in the Community Resources /BOP Times was excellent.

That's what got my attention to the immense healing the Reverie Harp can do.

Gwynna's devotion to placing Reverie Harps with suitable people here around New Zealand is clear and true.  Very helpful.  

The process went exactly as Gwynna explained and I felt supported every step of the way. 
Thank You !

I incorporate my Reverie Harp in my therapy practice, as it compliments and enhances my healing sessions beautifully.

Love & Blessings
Kimaya - Kim Donaldson (Omokoroa)
An unexpected opportunity arose when a friend showed me some literature about Gwynna introducing Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing in Tauranga and invited me to a meeting to find out more.   Little did I expect that my curiosity would lead me to a completely unexpected purchase !  However it has all been positive.

The evening spent with Gwynna was all too short as she introduced us to the Reverie Harp and explained its purpose and history.

We were lulled and transported by the sounds she created so easily from her light touch over the strings.  I was intent on owning one for myself and I am so pleased to have joined the Reverie Harp community.

Gwynna supplied comprehensive information as to how things would proceed and she was true to her word.  She contacted me the next day to make the final arrangements and kept in touch with updates as  my own harp was in production.

I felt informed and included every step of the process as I eagerly awaited my delivery. 
I am happy Gwynna took care of everything.

Gwynna was open and informative about the process and the costs and I was made aware of when payments would be made and the exact costs to purchase my Reverie Harp.

My harp has now arrived and my delight and excitement continue to flourish each time I play.

Gwynna continues to be supportive with intermittent, regular emails and the promise of a reunion when she is next in this area.

I have no hesitation in recommending Gwynna and the wonderful work she and Peter are doing to bring this beautiful healing modality to a wider audience around New Zealand.

Mary (Tauranga)