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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

CHESNEY - the means by which the Leap of Faith Tour -                       On A Wing & A Prayer .... takes place

At present Gwynna is currently  working upon 'Chesney' the caravan purchased  at the end of 2016 making it fit for purpose to travel around each province of Aotearoa allowing small public meetings to be held  'on the porch' to introduce Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing.

To enable this necessary work i.e. attaining 'self containment certification'; electrical warrant; 12v solar power system etc. as well as other necessary changes the $'s have to be earned as well and gratefully TRANZIT have provided as much work as Gwynna is able to accept when back in the Naki.  

It is however  likely a 'givealittle' page will be established soon as the cost is greater than the earnings capable.  To date there has been no financial assistance for the community service provided by ACCC. 

Sponsors for the following work will be sought:   Each sponsors name will be displayed upon the 'all over' artwork to cover Chesney in thanks for their generosity.

1)   extention of drawbar - it is hidiously short ! fixing of spare wheel & 9kg gas bottle

2)  funds for three canvas sides for 'porch' allowing small public meetings to take place no matter the           time of day / night or the weather.

3)  creation of 'rear end' signage

4)  funds to have Chesney repainted externally with artwork - this will be the 'point of interest' for each town to print a story of why this Leap of Faith Tour is taking place.

5)  solar 12v convertion - at present only set up on mains power

6)  purchase of '12 volt' compressor fridge and small gas oven / hob

7)  funds for two leadlight windows allowing light but keeping privacy in top stable doors

8)  funds to purchase a 'Spirolock Tubing' (small) fireplace to keep Chesney warm as toast at all times.

Check out 'Chesney Photo Gallery'  as to work on renovation taking place

Chesney is a 1985 'full width' Australian caravan with a more recently rebuilt solid chassis on tandem wheels.   

Chesney tows like a dream.

Chesney is absolutely perfect for ACCC 'Leap of Faith Tour - On A Wing & A Prayer' as it has a separate bedroom end (which can be closed off) a  roomy kitchen / dining and of course the 'porch' which the double doors open out onto. 

This 'porch' will allow introduction of ACCC Reverie Harp without the difficulty and exorbitant costs of hiring venues etc. as has been necessary to date.

The 'back end' of Chesney opens up into a decent porch area where LOFT meetings will take place.  

The first work completed was rebuilding the back doors which were flimsy, very insecure and  not weather tight with beautiful Matai stable doors.  (above)

Eventually there will be two little leadlight windows in the top of stable doors (above).

The porch floor ply has been replaced and sealed with butynol to keep it water tight.

Whilst in travel, the porch disappears ...the roof becoming the 'back end' of Chesney.  

This roof / end leaked like a sieve is now watertight.  

The 'grill' has been removed and the gap is now ready for a sign promoting  what ACCC "Leap of Faith Tour - On A Wing & A Prayer"  is all about.  

This sign will cost approx $350 - it has to withstand (hopefully) lots of sunlight / heat while up as the porch roof.