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Anam Cara Care Centre         
Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing   

Soul Friend  Support - Empowering  Good Grief Care particularly for those bereaved by suicide ...but not limited to                                                 

Reverie Harp
Anam Cara Care Centre is dedicated to supporting  people through the journey of good grief care back into living life whole-heartedly. 

Using the heavenly sounds of the Reverie Harp resonating directly with your heart & soul, amazing healing can take place. 

This is a new paradigm of care created to be embraced simply, by everyone.  You can play the Reverie Harp as it is played intuitively.

You  are invited to attend Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp  LOFT Introduction  Meetings  being held around the country in 2017 to discover how  easy  this wonderful  Reverie Harp is to use.

For those with musical knowledge and experience,  who may like to step into the healing realm, Reverie Harp is the perfect instrument to use.  Musicians appreciate this incredibly well crafted precision instrument is unique.

Check out the 'LOFT  NZ Intro Meetings' page for information about the 'Leap Of Faith Tour - On A Wing & A Prayer'  of all NZ Provinces through 2017 to end of 2020.  
These meetings are your  opportunity to learn how to  bring Anam Cara Care Centre Reverie Harp Heart & Soul Healing into your community for what ever reason you are passionate about. 
If I can, you can! is Gwynna's motto.

Please phone or email Gwynna  to confirm your  intention to attend any introduction meetings or to arrange an Introduction in your area.   Gwynna is also happy to meet with any Group Support in a town or area  she's traveling to. Ph: 021 303 893 or email [email protected]

This  Anam Cara Care Centre website  is all about a new paradigm of future holistic care for those grieving. It is very personal.  I share my story with the intent it will reach another soul in need and  allow them to understand Good Grief is possible.  This is My story. My mission. My Life.

MY PURPOSE (primarily - but not limited to) is to support people bereaved by suicide using Reverie Harp.  Your purpose may be for any number of reasons we suffer a crisis,  loss, trauma or grief for any reason, alongside joy and growth throughout our human experience.

In loving memory of Michael David Butler 
Born 26/09/1979.    Died 18/03/2001.

When we reach out allowing our passions and  our sorrow - the strands of life that connect us all - to form a network of good intent, powerful healing can take place. 

The pureness of Reverie Harp sounds bring healing directly through to our heart and soul  allowing peace and a deep sense of well-being and clarity once again to resonate on all levels of our  being... heart & soul - for whole-hearted wellness.

Grief is a long journey for most of us and recovery through grief, like the journey of 1000 miles, begins with just one step.

Our goal is to support you from head to toe on all levels of your being to achieve whole-hearted wellness through your individual journey of grief.

My passion is to particularly support those bereaved by suicide with therapeutic Reverie Harp sounds that go beyond where words finish. 

But grief is grief and Anam Cara Care Centre will be there for  anyone who needs support grieving.

Grief is eventually experienced by us all and often times unexpectedly, turning our lives upside down, leaving us out on a limb of what life used to be.


We are here as spirit in physical form each  manifesting our unique soul purpose upon this earthly journey. 

Thank You for visiting this website and welcome 
to Anam Cara Care Centre Heart & Soul Support.

It  is  sincerely hoped you find something of value to you within these pages for your journey.  Namaste

We may wish the world to stop so we can catch our breath however, often our world speeds up with so much to do and people to take care of. 
We become overwhelmed and then unwell. 

We can also keep ourselves very busy so as not to feel our deep emotional pain but eventually you can not contain it and the grief work must be done, no matter your age or stage of life.

Anam Cara Care Centre will  always work to  the  Holistic philosophy of Te Whare Tapa Wha. 
i.e. having the four cornerstones of spiritual / mental & emotional / physical and family / social  self in balance, which forms the foundation from which a healthy person can rise. 
This concept is of course recognised by
The World Health Organisation as relevant to all cultures.  

It is the basis from which all Holistic Natural  Therapy is achieved.
Take all The Time You Need